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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sun Dogs

This week, we are reading the story, "Mimicry and Camouflage" in our Story Town text book.
In Ms. Leom's Communication's Flex Reading, we are reading a book by a Minnesota author, Debbie S. Miller, Arctic Lights Arctic Nights.
 We will be developing informational text features and main idea and details for our skills. Vocabulary is also a key part of our learning. One of our vocabulary words is sun dogs. Sun dogs appear on either side of the sun as light passes through the ice-laced air, forming two small "suns", often with a colorful halo.

Ms. Leom thought we might actually SEE one ourselves with the colder air in the forecast. She was not disappointed!
sun dogs captured in North Dakota on December 4
sun dogs captured in St. Cloud, MN on December 5
LOVE the momentS this morning, when students came BURSTING in the room, excited about seeing sun dogs and wanting to tell all about it!! Just another exciting day of learning at Milaca Elementary!!

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